Ino Karella
Visual Development Artist
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Office: (+30) 210 8081343  Mobile: (+30) 694 3223959


California Institute of The Arts   ( U.S.) - BFA, Film & Video - Character Animation
Surrey Institute of Art & Design (U.K.) - DOHE / BA, Experimental Animation
Kent Institute of Art & Design   (U.K.) - Foundation Course in Fine Arts, specializing
in Animation


Exhibitions and Installations
2012 - Digital Painting (11m x 4.70m) for Installation piece presented at the
National Archaeological Museum of Athens, for the exhibition
' The Antikythera Shipwreck - the Ship / the Treasures / the Mechanism '
(April 6 2012 - April 28 2013)

2012 - Installation Design Poseidonia 2012 - Booth Installation Design for the
National Archaeological Museum of Athens, (June 2 2012 - June 6 2012)

2011 - Group Exhibition 'Originem' at Hotel Four Points Roma in Mexico City
organized by Culture Colectiva, (Canvas on Wall - Painting 5m x 2m)

2011 - Group Exhibition 'Marilyn Monroe In The Arts', organized by the Institute of
Cultural Exchange, at the DEKK International Exhibition Centre in Crete, Greece.
(April 15 - Oct 30 2011) Exhibiting two of my Paintings - 'MM Seen Through
Colors' ( Acrylic 1,20m x 90cm) and 'Good Times' (A3 Size Digital painting)

2011 - Group Exhibition at the 'TOQSO art' gallery opening, Exhibiting four paintings
(Multimedia/Acrylic 1,20m x 90cm - March 9 2011)

Storyboard Artist

2014 - Storyboard Artist for Lowe and Partners - HBH (PEPSICO-HBH)

2014 - Storyboard Artist for Stefi & Lynx Productions - De Agostini

2013 - Storyboard Artist for Olympic DDB SA - IKEA,

2013 - Storyboard Artist for Olympic DDB SA - ΞΥΣΤΟ,

2013 - Storyboard Artist for Olympic DDB SA - Mythos,

2013 - Storyboard Artistfor Frank Gr / Alpha Bank TV Commercials

2013 - Storyboard Artistfor BIC® TV Commercial 'Bic Comfort Shield'

2012 - Storyboard Artist for CL Productions - (Three Commercials for Lacta)

2012 - Storyboard Artist and Set designs for LYNX SA - De Agostini

2012 - Storyboard Artist for BIC® TV Commercial

2012 - Storyboard Artist for BIC® viral commercial
Directed by Ioanna Tsinividi

2012 - Storyboard Artist and Set designs for LYNX SA.

2009 - Storyboards / Concept Art for Feature film 'Sophia' (working Title),
by George Kyrtsis

2006 - Storyboard Artist - My Empire - (Band, Sons of Sound) – Music Video

2005 - Storyboard Artist - Obscura - Short Film – Storyboards - Written and Directed
by Andre Lascaris;film=27
(winner of the experimental Northampton film festival)

2004 - Storyboard Artist - Uncle Raul - Storyboard Artist for Short Film AFI directed
by Justin Rhodes, cinematography Andre Lascaris

2004 - Storyboard Artist - Talkback - Storyboard Artist for Feature Film by Carla

2003 - Storyboard Artist - C/o Kontent Films - Storyboards for Independent Feature
Film “Drown”, written by Robert Humphreys and Henrietta Rose-Innes

2001 - Storyboard Artist - To Be Continued - Storyboard Artist for Short Film by
George Kyrtsis.

2001 - Storyboard Artist - Rush, (short film), Assistant Animator,Duties included:
character design, layouts and animation, Directed by David Nasser

Illustrator / Visual Development - Concept Artist

2012 - 2013 - Senior Visual Artistsfor BIC® Company World Wide Promotional Video

2013 - Graphic Illustrator for Poster : 'Dionysia Trust', 3rd Dionysia Trust piano competition 2013.

2013 - Illustration and Graphics for the I.EN.A.E. (H.I.M.A.) Website in collaboration with Centiva Software Solutions

2013 - Graphics and Logo design for 2 Blue Tomatoes T- Shirt Line

2013 - Graphic Illustrator for the '5th Nerantzia Festival' Poster

2012 - Production Design Artwork for Marine Archeological Documentary
'EGELIA, SHIPRWECK VI' by IENAI. of ancient roman merchant ship found).
(winner of the AGON 9th International Meeting of Archeological Film)

2012 - Character designer and illustrator for Children's book:
"The Little Griffin at the Acropolis Museum", for the Acropolis museum,
written by Mrs.Mania Douka and to be published by Psichogios Publications

2013 - Graphic Illustrator for the '4th Nerantzia Festival'Poster

2011 - Institute for Cultural Exchange-
Creative Art Directorfor the Design of the Marilyn Monroe exhibition in Crete
'Marilyn Monroe In The Arts' (April 16 - Oct 30 2011)
Works also including Website Design
in collaboration with i -Trust

2011 - Institute for Cultural Exchange
in collaboration with Interform / Interexpo
- Associate Creative Director& Additional Marketing Art Work for the exhibition
of Leonardo Da Vinci in Thessaloniki ( February 05 - June 05 2011)
Works including: TV Commercial Spot, Posters, Flyers, T-shirts, Booklets and
other merchandise designs

2010 - to Date - Photomanipulation and website Photo organization :
Fivestart Greece

2010 - Character & Graphic Designer: WebSite for AU9 Event Stories,
(event - marketing company),
in association Tera Media

2010 - Graphic Design:Web Art and Logo for Clothing line, Fleurisse and Leon, in association Tera Media

2009 - Character Design Development: Artoon Co, Greece

2009 - Merimna: Concept Art & Animation for TV commercial

2009 - TopCut S.A.: Art Director online game for Amstel campaign
( Job Including: Character Designs, Animator, BG paintings, UI, Concept Art)

2009 - Max Productions: Set Design Concept Art for EAΣE Conference
Oct 2003 to Nov 2008 - Electronic Arts Los Angeles- Senior Concept Artist
Games Including:

    • Medal of Honor European assault- Concept Art/ Storyboards/Production Paintings/Directing & Editing Cinematics
  • Lord Of The Rings(Battle for Middle Earth)- UI, Character Designs & Concept Art
  • Command And Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars- Concept Artist/Environment Development
  • Tiberium FPS (Command and Conquer)- Senior Concept Artists /Visual Development, Graphic Design
  • Classified IP by Steven Spielberg- Character Designs/ Storyboards/Color Boards
  • New Classified IP (H3)- Senior Concept Artist

2006 - Vendor- Graphic Novel, written by Kevin Abrams and Adam Moore
Character Development and Concept Art.

2003 - Niebaum - Coppola - Production Design & Development / Illustrations for 2004
Diamond series campaign.

1999 - The Unlimited Collection Inc.Graphic Design, Illustration and Design

1998 - Ammos Publishing Co.Athens, Greece - Illustrator for children’s book
“The Swan and the Rose Thorn”.

1995 - Graphic Design, 5th Annual Youth Tennis Tournament (Athens College)
Chief Graphics and Logo Designer for merchandising, advertising and
information brochures.

1994/95 - Artoon Co. (Greece), Color Artist, Apprentice-Intern in animation, cell
painting and in-between animation.

1994 - 1st. Annual World Law Conference (Greece-Athens College), Graphic Design,
Graphic and Logo designer for merchandising, advertising and information

Adobe Photoshop
Vue D’Esprit - Vue xStream
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premiere
Toon Boom Studio
Application Software/Business - Microsoft Office (all Versions), Word Excel, Access,
PowerPoint, WordPerfect and almost all other Spreadsheet, Word Processing and Database
Proficient in both Macintosh and PC platforms